Dusted Arts Cigar Tray - Concrete

Dusted Arts Cigar Tray - Concrete

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A unique Product for cigar lovers where you can satisfy your needs to smoke and enjoy a cigar. Tray made of concrete

Cigar tray includes:

A Coaster to place your drink with a tumbler glass

A Removable glass cigar ashtray

A Black Cigar cutter

A Place to add your own lighter

An Engraved line to place your cigar

A Liquid Candle to add a nice mood during your use to be filled with Lamp oil .

With an option of adding anti-tobacco liquid to limit the smell of the cigar. Deodorize effectively a room and eradicate tobacco smell. The plate is handmade; which is even more special since each tray is unique and different. A new experience for cigar lovers. (Handmade)

35x23.5 cm Tray Size- - Weight 2.3kg with the accessories