Nounzein Necklace Harmony

Nounzein Necklace Harmony

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Nounzein Designs are inspired by abstract geometric forms inherent to her training as architect, and by the culture of the Middle East. The Greco-roman or the Islamic civilizations, as well as the fauna , the flora or the ethnic jewelry of the region are the different elements of this memory that she reinterprets in order to create simple, light, playful and timeless pieces.

Discover the exquisite "Necklace Harmony," a captivating dual-chained masterpiece that harmoniously weaves together motifs from our collection, creating a symphony of elegance and style.

This two-layered necklace is a true embodiment of balance and beauty. The first chain showcases a delightful array of medallion charms, each intricately designed with motifs that pay homage to our collection's inspiration. These charming medallions, like echoes of our artistic journey, add a touch of storytelling and sophistication to your ensemble.

The second chain, adorned with a selection of stunning stones, adds a subtle touch of color and vibrancy to the composition. The carefully chosen stones not only enhance the visual appeal but also infuse positive energy and a sense of grounding into your every moment.

"Necklace Harmony" invites you to embrace the interconnectedness of elements, motifs, and stones. It symbolizes the fusion of art and nature, a celebration of the diverse beauty that surrounds us.


Length 40 cm

Our items are made from brass dipped in 21 carat Gold 

Avoid contact with water, fragrances, & oils to increase the longevity of your piece.

Handle with love and care.