Nounzein Necklace Palm Tree - Small

Nounzein Necklace Palm Tree - Small

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Nounzein Designs are inspired by abstract geometric forms inherent to her training as architect, and by the culture of the Middle East. The Greco-roman or the Islamic civilizations, as well as the fauna , the flora or the ethnic jewelry of the region are the different elements of this memory that she reinterprets in order to create simple, light, playful and timeless pieces.

 This pendant pays homage to the serene allure of palm trees swaying under the sun-kissed sky, creating an enchanting chandelier-like motif that gracefully captures the essence of coastal tranquility.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the pendant showcases the intricate form of a palm tree, its fronds reaching towards the sky in graceful harmony. The delicate branches and exquisite textures are artfully molded to evoke the feeling of a serene oasis.

Available in two distinct sizes – small and large – the "Pendant Palm Tree" offers versatility to match your personal style. The small pendant exudes an air of delicate charm, perfect for those seeking a subtle yet eye-catching accessory. Meanwhile, the larger pendant makes a bolder statement, allowing you to immerse yourself in the intricate details of the palm tree's design.

Embrace the serenity of the coast wherever you go, with this pendant gracefully suspended from its chain. Choose from an array of finishes, including the luxurious radiance of 21 carat gold plating or the timeless elegance of silver, to complement your unique taste.


Big Width 6 cm

Small width 3.5 cm

Chain Length 80 cm

Our items are made from brass dipped in 21 carat Gold 

Avoid contact with water, fragrances, & oils to increase the longevity of your piece.

Handle with love and care.