Pisces Candle - 350g
Pisces Candle - 350g
Pisces Candle - 350g
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Pisces Candle - 350g

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Fanny Dumas Taieb, founder of Maison La Bougie, offers each season collections inspired by the times but also of her own universe. Each candle, in addition to diffuse a delicious fragrance in your inside, is a real piece of art, an olfactory decoration. You could use, as you wish, our glasses and boxes to sublime your coffee table, bookcase, bedside table… Maison La Bougie candles are the perfect gift to fill those you love. 

Fragrance : Monoi And Salt Sea
Marine Notes, Thyme, Pine, Jasmine, Rose, Musk, Patchouli.

Devoted, adaptive and responsive in nature, friendly, exalted, has a great empathy, romantic, imaginative, intuitive, unclassifiable, caring for those close to him, discreet, pleasant, creative, lives at the mercy of his emotions...


100 hours of burning
Candle 12,34 Oz
Perfume : Monoi and salt sea
Perfume concentration : Around 10%
Perfumer : Maxime PHILIPPE

Composition :

A mix of vegetal and mineral wax
100% Portuguese Ceramic
Wick 100% cotton

Dimensions :

Candle : H 17,5 cm / D 8,6 cm
Box : 17,5cm x 10cm x 10cm
Total weight : 30,45Oz

Diffusing surface : Ideal in a room from 0 to 30 square meter
Made in France

Manufacture & perfum

All our candles from the ZODIAC collection are handcrafted. Each step is done manually with the greatest care. Our candles are poured in the south of France where our manufacturer with his unique knowledge proceeds to the famous mixture of our precious perfumes and wax.

Each fragrance offers you a unique olfactory journey. All our scents are created by the noses of the famous Robertet House.

Using advise

During the first utilisation, let the candle burn for at least 2 hours, until the wax should become liquid on the surface.

Cut the wick regularly for a better using and to avoid black smock. Also make sure it stays straight and centered.